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Jira & Cloudflare Automation: AI Text Generation

AI Development Workflows!

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In the dynamic realm of product management, staying ahead requires efficiency, collaboration, and the ability to adapt quickly to new ideas. This guide explores how to leverage Jira automations and the Cloudflare AI to automatically generate SWOT analysis for new ideas within your Jira product management project.

Integrating Jira with Cloudflare AI


Before diving into the integration, make sure you have an active Jira Project. Additionally, sign up for Cloudflare AI access and obtain the API key. For this guide, we will use a simple llama-2-7b-chat-int8 model made by Meta.

Step 1: Create and Configure Your Jira Automation Rule

Inside your project go to “Project settings”, select “Automation” and click on “Create rule.” Now we can configure the three main parts of the Automation to make it work:


That will define when the automation rule should run, in our case we will use “Issue Created” but any can be used, depending on your needs.

Condition (optional)

That will filter for us only the issues we need our rule to apply on (eg. Priority = Highest)


  1. “Send web request” That will authenticate us on Cloudflare and pass our issue summary to the AI. Jira Screenshot Web Request URL{ACCOUNT_ID}/ai/run/@cf/meta/llama-2-7b-chat-int8

    Custom Data

    { "prompt": "generate a simple and very short SWOT analysis for this idea: {{issue.summary}}"}

    Jira Screenshot Headers

    Authorization - Bearer {API_TOKEN}
    Content-Type - application/json
  2. “Comment” That we will now configure in order to show the AI response. Jira Screenshot


    Edit the comment field using Jira General Smart Values and the response values of the {{webResponse}} smart field.

  3. Now you can save your Automation by clicking “Turn on rule”.

Step 3: Test and Refine

Jira Screenshot

  1. Test your automation rule by triggering it.
  2. Verify that the issue shows the correct notifications as expected.
  3. Refine your automation rules based on feedback and team requirements.

Benefits of Jira and Cloudflare AI

  • Cost-Free Solution: Eliminate expenses and dependencies on third-party plugin suppliers.
  • Custom Configurations: Tailor your settings to precisely suit your unique needs.
  • Seamless Workflow Integration: Streamline your processes by seamlessly integrating Jira and Cloudflare AI, ensuring efficient collaboration and communication across your teams.

In conclusion, the union of Jira and Cloudflare AI presents a dynamic solution that goes beyond simple process automation. By seamlessly integrating these tools, your team gains the advantage of an AI efficient workflow. This synergy propels your projects forward, offering a revolutionary approach to project management and process optimization. Embrace the power of Jira and Cloudflare AI to streamline workflows, enhance productivity, and achieve success in your endeavors.

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