Product February 1, 2024

Economic Calendar Released!

Are you tired of missing crucial economic events that impact your business and investments?

Economic Calendar preview on Apple Calendar app

The day has arrived, and we’re thrilled to announce the official release of our Economic Calendar Integration! Your support, feedback, and enthusiasm during the beta phases have been instrumental in shaping this robust tool for financial planning.

New Features to Enhance Your Experience!

🗃️Event Categories

In response to your needs, we’ve expanded the types of events covered by introducing two new categories:


Stay informed about speeches from key figures that can impact financial markets.

Presidential Elections

Track election dates and events, providing crucial insights into potential market shifts.

🔎Forecasts for Each Event!

One of the most highly awaited features is now a reality! You can now access forecast data for each event in the calendar. This enhancement empowers you with insights into market expectations, aiding you in making more informed decisions for your financial strategies.

🤖Service Status Page: 99.99% Uptime!

We understand the importance of a reliable service, and we’re proud to share that our Economic Calendar Integration has maintained an impressive 99.99% uptime. To ensure transparency, we’ve introduced a Service Status Page where you can check the real-time status of our service.

Check Service Status

How to Access?

The official release of the Economic Calendar Integration is now live and accessible to everyone! Visit our Economic Calendar page to explore the new features and start leveraging the power of informed financial planning.

Get started with our Economic Calendar today.

What’s Next?

Our commitment to continuous improvement doesn’t end here. We’ll be actively monitoring your feedback, making regular updates, and exploring new features to further enhance your experience.

Thank you for being with us on this exciting journey. Here’s to a future of informed decision-making and successful financial planning!

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